World Malayalee Council (WMC) United Kingdom

What We Are

WMC is a non-sectarian, non-political community organization which provides a global connectivity fostering friendship and fellowship among Malayalees worldwide while providing several platforms under its umbrella for training, empowerment, service, support and charity.

Our Organization

WMC has a well defined and efficiently structured organization with provinces in over 40 countries which are grouped under six regions as listed below.

  1. America – Continent of North and South America and Caribbean Islands
  2. Europe – The continent of Europe
  3. Africa – The continent of Africa
  4. Middle East – All Gulf countries, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran.
  5. India – India, Srilanka, Mali, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan.
  6. Far East & Australia – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, Japan, Fiji Islands.

Our Objectives

(As described under Article-III of the By Laws)
  • To provide a meeting point for interested Malayalees all over the World to open up new possibilities for their economic, political and social growth and better understanding by extrapolating their inherited rich culture and economic, political and social values.
  • To facilitate a dynamic link between the Malayalee experience, expertise and entrepreneurship in the developing and the developed countries for the invigoration of the Malayalee Community at large, and the Kerala State in particular.
  • To seek out and recognize Malayalee Talents, Skills and Intelligence on a global level and mobilize them for the enhancement of Professional Development, Career Advancement, and Technological breakthrough.
  • To organize an international network of Malayalees of different age groups to constantly communicate, share and update their knowledge base.
  • To create a cultural awakening in the Malayalee Diaspora, scattered world-wide, and to instill in them the openness of culling out the cream of all cultures paving the way for a world harmony.

World Malayalee Council – By-laws